Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh Those Darn Teens!

I'm on a quick break between sessions at UGCX and between falling asleep on the train to San Jose this morning (did I mention I'm a total night owl) I was thinking there must be something in the water or Hollywood(weird) is striking at the hearts and minds of kids that should know better. Perhaps they would if they actually had real, solid, common sense and guidance from the adults who are in their lives.  

I was also thinking how the economy will likely bottom out this summer since the topic of funding being gone by July was mentioned during the Venture Capital Roundtable held after-hours at UGCX last night. I haven't watched the Obama press conference yet because I knew it would make my blood boil. One, he's going to be blamed for not waving a magic wand and fixing things. Two, he wanted the job so - oh well! Factions be damned. Three, are we all really prepared for the Devil's Thrill? It's an amusement park ride where the floor drops and you're pinned to wall that spins around. That's okay for 1-2 minutes, but do you want your life to be like that? How many people are seriously willing to admit that aside from corporate greed and the opportunistic politicians that have been paid in full, they've also contributed to this scenario by hook or by crook? Well....not everyone..but you know what I mean. 

Students from Jonesboro High School Dance Team: Those poor girls thought doing a modified lap dance was providing a good, "clean", All-American entertaining half time show. Yeah it would have had it been the SuperBowl - ah the double standards! They thought they'd be rewarded for emulating some of their favorite recording artists. Hey with so many music videos being soft-porn worthy and Ambercrombie & Fitch selling thongs for tweens I could imagine a teenage girl wandering in the wilderness of proper decorum. Unfortunately because they're Black girls they must have loose morals, be wanton and have been labeled sluts. Kinda how many grown people said the 13 year-old in the R Kelly sex tape "knew what she was doing", it must boggle the minds of some people that girls can be actual girls and not have a complete understanding of sexuality and male/female relationships. 

Miley Cyrus: She's apologized for being filmed making "Asian" eyes. Really she just exemplifies whatever it is that's she been taught by her family. It's just good humored fun times for all. Like Lindsay Lohan referring to PBO as "coloured" because it's clearly what she'd heard relatives call Blacks. I'm sure the parents are well-meaning. I mean they're not wearing white sheets - unlike PETA's latest campaign. Her parents have no problem with her dating a guy who's almost 21 (she's 16) and hanging out with people drinking alcohol either. She's already apologized for taking photos of herself in her underwear, too. You know if all the money went away or some bigger scandal emerged ala Britney Spears they'd all still have each other. I see clear skies and no emotional melt downs. The parents aren't cashing in on their kid - not at all.  

Chris Brown & Rihanna: Ok we don't know all the details about what occurred between them, but if you grew up in the sphere of domestic violence and think you can simply walk away from it as an adult without any reflection (and therapy) you are delusional. What I've found interesting aside from the typical excusers and deniers trying to blame the female is the speculation this might hurt his career. Seeing how the Black community made heroes out of Genarlow Wilson and R. Kelly I don't think so. I wonder if the situation was reversed where a woman physically assaulted a man if the man would get any sympathy or be referred to as a weakling AND would she be prosecuted?

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Unknown said...

its ill because in a sense, ALL of those things are connected. the sad thing is that one of those girl's mother taught them that dance. that's the sad part.

so i can't blame the girls.