Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Link Time

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Did you go to Denny's today for that free Grand Slam meal? You've got until 2pm. By the way, their site crashed.

Roman Polanski is still trying to get away with rape. His request for a new hearing outside jurisdiction of the crime has been rejected. When you flee the country instead of facing charges you shouldn't get to have an uncomplicated life. He's still living large in France, never went to jail and enjoys all his privileges. It's too bad R. Kelly was found "innocent" by a jury of idiots, deniers and excusers.  
Aaron McGruder had it right all along.   

I know I mentioned Coachella and Essence Music festivals the other day, but how can I forget about Glastonbury? Well....it's sold out! The great thing about buying tickets in the UK is that you can return them for a refund unlike in the US. We're so behind the times! Remember when Jay-Z opened with Wonderwall after those rather unintelligible comments from a brother Gallagher? I don't even like Jay-Z and was offended (but no he is NOT the greatest rapper of all time - puh-leeze!!). It was a cute moment, but let's leave it at that.

Starbucks is battling to stay relevant in the age of the McCafe.  Real coffee lovers with a refined roasted bean palate know you don't drink the burnt Char-bucks offerings though. I'm a Peetnik or Costa Coffee sophisticate and other specialty roasters.  I also use a old-fashioned stovetop press.

February 12th is the first official Twestival. Yes, it's for all the Twitter-lovers to come together in various cities and be a do-gooder for the evening! Check to see if your city is on the list.

We know how easy it is to get sucked into the Internet while at work, hence the NSFW warnings at some sites, but when you're in between jobs weeks could go by!

India has a $10 laptop program. Can I get one?

Have you checked out Google Earth yet? Whoa!

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