Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tyra Banks Show On the Obama Effect: Will Black Men Get It Together Now? pt 2

Actor That Portrays Hood Roles Wants to Live A Hood Life: Doesn't Want to Go to College

Well what can I add I think the caption says it all. Why are there always Black women coddling and worrying about these men instead of focusing on their lives and caring for themselves. If the situation was reversed who would be there for them?! Or are they supposed to be "strong" enough that they don't need any help and support? I have no comment on the psuedo-intelligentsia former hood-monger scholar. It's a class issue on display. If I can recognize it I'm certain others can too. Education is necessary but that's not the end of "learning".


Man Who Complains About Shaving Beard to Appeal to Employers
So I thought I wasn't hearing this fool properly. I guess I could take the producers to task for finding all of these losers and allowing them to be the subject of ridicule on national tv, but I can't muster up that much sympathy. This man doesn't have a job and wants to claim racism over his facial hair. Now they did try to balance that with a man who had a legitimate grievance with his employer over his hairstyle but puh-leeze! This is just ridiculous for a grown man to be so irresponsible. If you don't have a job and you need to spruce up your appearance why would you complain about it? Just fix it!! This is why I had to make sure I recorded this episode because unless you've seen it nobody would believe my commentary.


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