Monday, February 2, 2009

M.I.A. Interview Must See

As long as Tavis Smiley sticks to his interesting interview choices he's alright. When he tries to make celebrities out of bloggers or dictate the movement of political candidates is where things go off the rails. Here's proof you can be female, a hip-hop artist, have bangin' beats without the misogyny and materialism. You can be an artist that doesn't shy away from serious political commentary and your lyrics can have deep meaning. You don't have to be relegated to the underground or unknown status either. You can also be a mommy! Oh and you can also put on a rockin' live show!! 
Video for Paper Planes with lyrics here.
Bucky Done Gone
It still gives me pause to repeat lyrics about soldiers knocking down the walls to your house to kill you while nodding my head to a good beat. 
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