Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gimme A Break!

So I am feeling a wee bit cantankerous over this alleged love fest with the pig-in-lipstick aka Sarah Palin and some women voters. Hey, she started it with her (actually her MALE handlers') written speech containing that ridiculous comparison of dogs and mothers. I have no children or pets but felt sufficiently offended on behalf of both. Woman = Pit Bull = BITCH? Hmm, so who's the sexist now? 

Of course it's all Barack Obama's fault. For having a penis. And being Black. One drop rule forever in effect here. No wait, it's Oprah's fault because she should give airtime to Queen Palin - just don't ask her any questions! Oprah has been positively difficult this entire election season for thinking for herself, running her show the way she sees fit and just not being grateful. Cos Amerikkka has been so good to its browner skinned citizens ever since those Mayflower boat people came here with their smallpox and guns and religion.

It's their fault for not being like "us". Of course none of us are like the "us" the Republicans espouse - even when they're addressing members of their own party. 

Speaking of dogs I was reading Aunt Jemima's Revenge and blogger Professor Tracey posted a question about why PETA hasn't gone after Sarah Palin over her bragging about killing animals for sport. That got me wondering why haven't we heard a peep from them so I asked. I got a very lame response about how they don't endorse candidates. So what does that have to do with their agenda? Aren't they supposed to be exposing all forms of animal cruelty from anyone who does it? What was so special about Michael Vick, then? I didn't even know who he was until the negative press and subsequent prosecution pile up on the poor guy. Not that he was without blame, but again this justice system has shown itself to be a Just For Us and None For Others sham. PETA has no credibility when they pick and choose campaigns in such a glaringly biased manner. 

Note to PETA: You are full of shit! 

What happened to all those people who took to the streets to protest and had the pitchforks ready all in the name of racism, er animals? Why have we never seen these people before or since? Where are they when a child goes missing - particularly a child of color? Or a woman is raped? I mean I like animals. I do. Probably not as much as some but we did have a few dogs, cats and rabbits growing up. I cried when a stray my brother and I'd found and taken home got sick and died. I just didn't get the level of outrage levied at one athlete when we've got mass murders, child molesters and corporate raiders bankrupting this country. THAT offends me. 


So I've watched the new season of 'Prison Break' and 'Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles' and I have to give them mixed reviews. Wentworth Miller is a fine actor and an even finer specimen of male hotness but this season BLOWS! Can you believe it's the 4th season? It has become a low-rent '24' even down to the plot but without all the fun 'Real Time' clock, intense action and suspense. Are we really supposed to believe this latest stretch of plot unbelievability? Sarah got to keep her head. No mention of LJ and Sophia after Lincoln was brought back. Bellick is still in the mix. Michael Rappaport as a Federal Agent. GTFOH! And now the scary bad hit man is acted by the guy who played Khadijah's boyfriend from Living Single. I knew the writers had painted themselves into a corner right out the gate because Season One was so damn good. One positive remains: SUCRE! They had better keep Amaury Nolasco or else!!! Shoot they might as well bring back C-Note just to hear him call Michael 'Snowflake' again. Fix it or end it.  

Terminator looks good so far because my expectations were low to begin with. I still have to pretend I believe these teeny tiny people have the strength of a bodybuilder and the skills of a ninja but oh well. Shirley Manson is a robot!! Right now if Fox is deciding which show to put on hiatus when '24' comes back in January I go with 'Prison Break'.  

One more thing. I watched Fashion Rocks last night and I have one thing to say. Well two or three. Adele should have performed instead of Duffy, but alas me thinks somebody decided to go blonder and thinner. How boring! When will they retire Fergie because she is like so 2006. Justin TimberFAKE! should not under any circumstances ever sing a Marvin Gaye song again. Or any of the great Black male soul singers. It is an insult and a sacrilege. The End....


Liz Dwyer said...

Oh yes, she did start the animal references first. Or maybe somebody's an Eve fan. Remember, "Pitbull in a skirt". You have me wondering, were there any black male singers at Fashion Rocks other than Chris Brown? Hmm...

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

And Chris Brown is cute but he's still a kid with soap behind his ears. I can't take him seriously. The best year so far was when Scissor Sisters performed.