Wednesday, September 3, 2008

With Friends like Joe LIEberman the Dems Don't Need More Enemies

Remember the good old days, back in 2000 when Al Gore (stupidly) chose LIEberman as his VP running mate to prove he was no Clinton? See how that stuff backfires? Obvious Joe liked being a 'Conservative' Democrat which is just avoiding calling yourself Republican-like in my book. Ever since the citizens of Connecticut and some of the biggest liberal bloggers have suffered for their folly by not voting for/supporting Ned Lamont, ol' Joe has been twisting the knife in a little deeper ever since. And loving it.

"But we need Joe to maintain our tenuous lead when voting in the Senate." According to many Joe being registered Independent and voting with the 'Dumbocrats' instead of the 'Rethugs' is the only thing keeping 'us' from getting rid of him for good. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Let's not forget all the Blue Dog Dems who vote for Bush every time. Nancy Pelosi took impeachment off the table because of the number of Dems who rubber-stamped everything Bush put in front of them. There's no moral high ground here to take on this one.

Joe pulled a classic Republican move when he ran his reelection and saw the tea leaves. He switched parties, forced a run-off and with more than two candidates he got re-elected. Devious? Yes. Smart? Very. And the Dems have been paying for it ever since. Even Barack once supported LIEberman - which just goes to show us voters how unfocused the Dems can be compared to the Rethugs. 

They are like automatons, marched in lock-step reading from the same page. Look at how all the pundits on the teevee praise Gov. Palin's selection. Anyone who doesn't actually believe it does NOT get to speak. The Democrats could learn a thing or two about how to WIN an election from them. I didn't think it could get worse than Bush/Cheney but the idea of McCain/Palin has me seriously contemplating buying that citizenship to Dominica. 

So LIEberman did his best Judas move by supporting McCain, attending the Rethug funeral, er Convention and trashing his 'friend' Obama. I guess that talking to didn't work. There's gonna be hell to pay

Joe has made his full conversion to the Dark Side, but Cheney doesn't trust him. Once a traitor always a traitor? I found a video on the interenets where he actually praised Obama. See when your religion is power you will do and say anything to get it, even contradict yourself years later.


achoiceofweapons said...

It should come as no surprise that Joe is who he is. We knew him to be a snake years ago during the Clinton Impeachment! He was shunned by the Democrats then he still got elected as a independent but hey everybody has to give the devil his due and play the band. He will reap what he has sown!

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Welcome Mr. Jaycee,

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Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

And I forgot to add - I sincerely hope so!