Thursday, September 4, 2008

Republican VP Pick as Palindrome

This may
Be a play
On Gov. Sarah's last name
But make no mistake
It still reads the same.

Though she may have a uterus
She is no friend to us
She'd have us back in the home
Barefoot and Pregnant or
Beggars of the State 

She is a puppet and
Willing participant 
Of the Good Ol' Boys
White sheets no longer apply
They've got laws on their side
To do their bidding this time
Ok....I'm gonna stop there. Whatever way you slice it Gov. Palin's speech last night was mean-spirited and full of lies. Now the question becomes whether the American people fall for it. I would lean more to the cynical - I'd say realistic - side based on past actions being an indicator of future ones. So I have my concerns.

So many hardships have befallen those elusive 'hard-working, white' Americans since they voted in the people they thought would save them. They ended up being tanked by them instead. So I have hope. Since there will always be a segment of people who vote against their interests I can't worry about what I can't control. I can only try to reach out to as many people as possible. 

We can collectively remind people what's at stake here

I sincerely hope people recognize game and when they are being played. I hope those women that urged other women to vote for a woman because it was a 'woman's time to lead' will accept responsibility for the mess they created. It can't just be any woman. 

Notice how nobody's talking about the old white haired dude. 

I don't know how the Obama campaign will counter this latest grenade, but since he's still in it I'll just defer to their expertise. I can sit here at my keyboard and pick apart strategies all day. I know that when you volunteer to phone bank you are given very well-researched lists of people to speak to and specific methods of communication. Efforts are being made. We already know the corporate media is going to support the opposition. 

There's about 8 weeks left and there's work to be done. I've applied to be a Poll Worker and testing/training starts in two weeks. I think I may need to limit my exposure to teevee punditry and blogger analysis until election day. Just for my sanity.

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