Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Palin is a Barracuda

Governor Sarah Palin is a great actress. She just gave a heck of a reading for her Vice Presidential acceptance speech. She didn't write it, after all. There will a full transcript break down coming from various sources: some will praise it and others will skewer it. The bottom line I take away is that she is attractive and articulate. If you ignore everything she says she sounded really good. Except half of the speech was an attack on Obama and the other half was lying about hers and McCain's voting record and what the Rethugs will do when they're in office. She specifically mentioned how special needs children will have a voice in the White House except that she cut funding for those very same programs down to the quick. For those children as well as pregnant homeless teens. So talk is cheap, baby. But she looked good standing on stage lying through her teeth. I sincerely hope that people look at voting records, program funding (and lack thereof) and be critical thinkers. This cannot be about not voting for the colored dude. The Democrats need to come up with a counter argument and fast. She comes across as very believable. I sincerely didn't think we could get a worse administration than Bush/Cheney but it's staring at us right in the face. Since historically every superpower falls from prominence and implodes on itself I wonder which direction this nation will take? We are dancing on the pin of a needle and it could go either way. I shudder to think what will happen if McCain 'wins' by hook or by crook. I do NOT want Sarah Palin anywhere near the button. Criticizing her has nothing to do with sexism. She is a Trojan horse. 

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