Thursday, September 4, 2008

Da Hip-Hop Mayor Resigns - Finally

Wow, this is Kwame Kilpatrick has FINALLY resigned. Now we have a few other politicians who apparently have no shame and under an equal system they'd be prosecuted and forced out as well. Larry Craig and all of your Republican co-horts - your orders are up.

So enough about Kwame, let's not forget about his partner-in-crime (is that figurative or literal?) Christine Beatty. She doesn't know nothing about nothing. Ladies, this is a warning about being very careful about who you are intimate with. It's all about choices. One bad choice could land you in prison....or dead

After the city has spent millions in pay outs and may be required to spend a few more with all the pending legal proceedings, hopefully this sordid tale will be wrapped up soon. If Mr. Kilpatrick had not been so defiant none of this would have come to pass in the first place. If Mama (Carolyn Cheeks) Kilpatrick hadn't been so adamant about protecting her son more than serving the people of Michigan this would not have dragged on for as long as it has. Nor would she have found herself so close to losing her Congressional seat. That was a smart move to throw in a third (mock) challenger to syphon votes. 

Detroit serves upwards of 10 thousand people who are homeless every day. The majority of them are women with children. The unemployment rate is nearly double the national average. Someone may have died because vital services were withheld from them due to lack of funds. People make mistakes but these are elected officials. They have a higher level of responsibility and have been entrusted with a duty to serve the best interests of their constituents. We are no better off as a society if Black people (particularly men) just want to sit at the corruption table like their (alleged racist) white counterparts and do nothing. 

Amos Williams as quoted in the Detroit Free Press: 

"I hope this is the rising of the phoenix: One era has crashed and and we move forward.” 

Let us hope no truer words be spoken. Yes, I'm referring to the Presidential election.

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