Wednesday, September 3, 2008

St. Paul Police Recreate Police State

So what is up with the militarism mindset of the police with riot gear pushing, tackling and dragging reporters with visible credentials who identify themselves as such and are ignored and bloodied? What crime has been committed? Is this the Amerikka or Georgia? 

Demonstrating is NOT a crime. Here Amy Goodman discusses her arrest. 

Sign the petition denouncing press intimidation on the Free Press website.  

***Update 1142pm

I'd be remiss in not mentioning that the police got overly aggressive with some protesters and reporters at the DNC last week, but it by no way compares to the volume of harassment and abuse going on at the RNC. Big surprise! Per brownfemipower's blog, people can Twitter Cold Snap Legal or call (651) 356-8635 for assistance and they are keeping tabs on all the violations, including the police separating people with 'foreign'-sounding names.  This goes waaaay above and beyond 'regular' abuse of power to rendition style overkill by this gov't. That sucks. 

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