Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are the Republicans in League with Corporate Media to Steal Another Election?


Gross distortion of the truth and the media cover-up to keep people in the dark.

  • Bogus charges of 'sexism' for holding Palin accountable like any other politician;
  • Not speaking to the press or answering any questions; 
  • Scheduled ABC interview where questions have already been pre-selected and she can skip the ones she wants to; 
  • NBC removal of Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews from election anchor chairs; 
  • All of her Alaskan shenanigans: trying to fire her brother-in-law, billing rape survivors for evidence kits;
  • The attack on Obama as a community organizer ignoring the history of activism as basis for this founding of this country and every major subsequent beneficial policy change that has occurred.    
Not including the major structural upheavals going on as we speak. If this is going to come down to tit for tat, ideas against ideals cultural war then LOOK at the state of this country after 8 years of free reign (of terror).
  • Gas prices at $4 and rising.
  • Bank and financial institutional failures.
  • Mortgage Industry collapse.
  • Food price increase of 20-40%.
  • Jobs....where are they? 
Do you call this progress?

Even if you agree with some of the Republican party platform I wonder how you can ignore their lack of boundaries, standards, ethics, consistency, double-speak, oversight and accountability. Not that the Democrats can claim any moral fortitude either but come on. You can't legislate morality and tell people how to live. This is the 21st century. God is tired of being used as the excuse for hating on and killing people.
McCain is so ambitious. He had the opportunity to select a running mate who was at least a wee bit more reasonable, but oh no, he decided to take the road paved with good intentions. You know where that road leads cuz those Republicans are all so in touch with God and stuff. They know more than everybody. At least that's the impression given by the almost exclusively white and male mouthpieces. Where are the reasonable people? Not in the news.

This is 2004 subterfuge all over again. Except instead of gay marriage the wedge issue this time is the white mom next door. She could be married, has children and may work outside the home. She's overwhelmingly hetero. She seems innocuous. You'd invite her in your home for coffee and set up play dates with your children. The image is very powerful. The picture is as cute as a button. If you open it and peel back the layers you'd get a different view though. This woman is not your friend if you've chosen a different life for yourself or if any misfortunes out of your control have you on a another path. 

This was a brilliantly diabolical move on the Republican's part, but it only shows how far down the rabbit hole they've gone.  The press has had the same opportunity to vet these candidates as they did with Obama but so far have failed to do so. They cave in every conceivable way and have been doing so for nearly a decade. For example, do you think the Republicans would have gotten away with trying to impeach former President Clinton over a sex scandal when the main agitators were all cheating on their wives at the same time? There were plenty of media insiders who knew what was going on and they did nothing! If we'd had the blogosphere we'd have busted the whole sham wide open. 

You can't vote for McCain and hope that he will do a better job than Bush when he's just rubber-stamping the same failed policies. Even worse is how he's tied himself to the most extreme members of his party to get much-needed support. He has already shown us how he will govern if elected President. Allow me to repeat: HE HAS ALREADY SHOWN US HOW HE WILL GOVERN IF ELECTED PRESIDENT. He'd sell us out in a heartbeat!!!!!

McCain is not fit to be President Of The United States. The end. 




Liz Dwyer said...

"Except instead of gay marriage the wedge issue this time is the white mom next door."

Oh my goodness, you are SO on point with that statement! It gives me chills when I talk to some white moms I know and previously respected and they're telling me how AWESOME Palin is! It's disgusting. Yes, you peel back the layers and it's unbelievable what's really underneath it.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

But I don't WANT to be right!!! This is ridiculous how people continually fall for the okey doke. Too much is at stake and I'm not feeling so great about where things are headed. I don't want my blog to be all about politics and social ethos either but I can't ignore it.