Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cuz I Want to Talk About Something Other Than Power, Corruption and Lies

Janet Jackson has ended her relationship with Island Def Jam records. Yet she’s still dating the guy running the company. Her latest release Discipline was a great big flop and I guess she thought it best to cut her losses. THIS IS WHY YOU KEEP THE MAN AND YOUR BUSINESS SEPARATE. Either one area thrives and the other…does not.

I was trying to think back to the last Janet release that I actually liked and it took a while. Now don’t misunderstand I admire MISS JACKSON for her talent and numerous career accomplishments, her charity work and acting ability but I’ve been extremely disappointed. Don’t even get me started on (Pariah Scary) Mariah Carey. Her Betty Boop meets Marilyn Monroe act is sooo beyond tired. If Mary J. Blige can put out consistently relevant but still quality music why can’t they?

Lately I find myself hard-pressed to part with my hard-earned cash to buy albums (yeah I kick it ol’ skool). There was a time when we consumers could rest assured when we purchased music we’d be getting at least a 75% satisfaction quotient instead of feeling ripped off with 1-2 decent songs and an album of filler crap.

So I’d have to pass on the last couple of JJ albums though there were a few good singles. I think I’d have to go back as far as Velvet Rope or the Janet album – now that was a great release! Of course Rhythm Nation and Control are considered classics now, but how long ago was that?

Part of the problem is that Janet’s reputation was trashed. Let’s call it the “Black Woman’s Burden” over the Super Bowl fiasco. Justin Timbersnake got to walk away scot free and Janet got the shaft.

If it had been Madonna she would’ve said F-U and meant it. Of course Madonna wouldn’t have been sharing the stage with anybody in the first place. No the MTV Awards where she kissed Britney and Xtina doesn’t count. That wasn’t a performance – that was a stunt.

The only way I could see a problem scenario for Madonna would’ve been if she had been on stage with a Black male singer but I can’t think of any artist who would’ve been performing with her. Usher? No way. Ne-Yo? Too fey. Chris Brown? He makes her look too old.

Besides Madonna already had her ‘Black man” controversy over kissing the Black saint in her Like A Prayer video. Pepsi had been sponsoring her but by the time they pulled the plug she’d already cashed that check!! Haha!

We know there’s an entire library set of rules and double-standards when it comes to the display and portrayal of sexuality between white women and black women. Janet is musical royalty. Britney was praising Madonna to the high heavens but stealing all of Janet’s moves – remember the chair routine in the Stronger video?

As much as I respect MISS JACKSON her music has sucked lately. I have no idea how difficult it must be to maintain your career after getting to superstardom but she needs to go back to Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis pronto. Or find new collaborators who are REAL musicians and writers, not just Garage Band knob twiddlers. Yeah I’m calling you out Palow da Don. And please….no rappers…no voice box. She needs someone respectable NOT just popular today. **Call Peven Everett**.

Prime example of this is Madonna, who’s latest album sucks too. The whole Timbaland/Kanye/Pharrell dance is now over. Or it should be. Confessions On A Dancefloor was a masterpiece. Like Erotica. Like Ray of Light. Not as bad as American Life but not close to Bedtime Stories – which was her last foray into R&B land.

I always cracked up at Whitney Houston’s musical turf outrage over Madonna working with Babyface. “I worked with FACE first!” Good luck on that comeback.

I’ll give props to both Janet and Madonna for still being out there and still selling the sexy. Speaking of sexy Tina Turner is on tour. As well as Cher. And Bette Midler. Sharon Jones of the Dap Kings is out there kicking butt as well.  

Nobody says anything about the Rolling Stones or Aerosmith performing and being old(er). I saw the Police reunion show. I thought it was very mechanical and kept thinking they were counting their money and calculating when they could end the show and go to bed that night.


Liz Dwyer said...

Yeah, my husband used to be the biggest Janet fan ever. He even wanted to put a Janet poster up in our bedroom when we got married 9 years ago. He had zero interest in going to her show. And he bought the new CD but never plays it. He says JD ruined her. I agree.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Janet can still have a real comeback. She may have to go outside her familiarity zone though. Even Celine mixes it up and stopped doing all ballads. I actually like her newest song if only because it's a fresher sound.