Monday, September 15, 2008

The Love Of Money - Ah You Know the Rest!

Well, we're going to get the Republican spin and scrub job on the latest Wall Street crash. It's the worst since 9/11. This has been coming for some time. As a voter I'd think all that needs to be discussed right now is the economy and lay it at the feet of those at fault - the Republicans.

It's not just about laws not being followed as if it was an accident of chance. This current administration has been run on secrets and lies and no transparency. There has been no regulation or oversight combined with lobbyists run amuck. This may be an unpopular concept but greed and selfishness left unchecked will destroy this country.

Typically parents want their children to have a legacy that is more productive and prosperous than what they had. If things don't change how will that happen? Now our great-children will be paying off this debt.

John McCain can't even remember how many houses his wife owns. He won't be able to fix this when he refuses to admit to source of the problem. I'm certain the Bush administration is hoping for a major distraction - like a war - to keep people preoccupied again. Here's to hoping people wake up and smell the stench.

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