Friday, September 12, 2008

Since Anybody Can Be Picked for Vice President Why Not You Or Me?

So as you may have heard Sarah Palin fumbled a bit in her interview with newsreader Charles Gibson. See when you and your network are so biased and desperate for participation that you make what should be a continued vetting process an open book test you lose whatever credibility you have left. You should not get the kudos for being referred to as a journalist when everything you do is to the opposite of such a noble profession. Let's not let off all the other news organizations and so-called media elite who've taken a pass at vetting the Republicans while putting both Obamas through the wringer. They have done grave harm by not asking tough questions - especially when you pick and choose who to be tough with and who to coddle. Plus Gibson fed her the answers!!!

I still haven't forgotten that joke of a debate between Clinton and Obama where he was sandbagged and neither should we. When you are paid upwards of $8 MILLION per year to read from a teleprompter, not ask serious questions from your favored politician and KISS ASS, I have the right to cry foul at a fool. And the snide antics of that Survivor contestant who's the head bobblehead on the View have not gone unnoticed either. When you parrot your political party talking points down to the letter, talk out both sides of your mouth and cry on cue when called out on your prejudice you are just as offensive as the Trojan Moose being paraded as a serious contender.

Would Sarah Palin have gotten a job as Vice President at a Fortune 500 company? Or a major Charitable organization like the Ford Foundation? On Wall Street? Me thinks not! It just makes my blood boil to hear of how some women are so easily swayed by the idea of this woman as VP of the United States, just because she is a woman. That is not feminism. That is worship of motherhood and assignment of character traits we don't know she has. Furthermore, she is not the one in charge - unless those right-wing nutjobs who are pulling her puppet strings are planning on McCain taking ill as soon as he's sworn in. Shoot if I were McCain I'd be employing food testers, air sniffers and an extra extra pair of eyes and ears.

On the other hand Cindy has put a lot of time and money into promoting her hubby's political career so she can be First Ladyeeeeeee. I'm certain she'd be the real barracuda if Palin overstepped her role. Nobody puts Cindy in the corner! Seriously though these types of women kill me. They won't do the work by launching and running their own campaigns. They insist on living vicariously through men. Is this a testament of how far women have not come or how ruthless some women are in looking out for their own interests above anyone else's? How many women overcompensate when in a position of authority and are more overbearing, more rigid and less compassionate than some of their male counterparts? There is a distinct skill set involved in managing authority that is different from managing people.

This is truly Silly Season in this political season when all the Corporate Media talks about are animals and lipstick. It's a bait and switch to represent fake outrage while ignoring yet another investment company on the verge of collapse (Lehman), a pending natural disaster (Hurricane Ike) and how unprepared the country is for supporting more armed conflicts (Russia & Georgia).

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