Tuesday, September 23, 2008

President BJ

So Bill Clinton may have gone off script a little bit and slipped by his lukewarm support of Obama while on The View. As you know I said I have that show on permanent girlcott status for my sanity because the hosts have been in violation of objectivity. Later Clinton went on the Letterman and did the same thing. I guess it was pretty freakin' obvious as Chris Rock has apparently called Bill on his not-so-secret animosity and continued selfishness. Nice! 

Yes we know Hillary could've been a contender. Except.....a lot of those votes for her were either for Bill or against Obama.....and those who were supporting her and not white privilege or white woman entitlement couldn't see fit to help her get rid of her $20M campaign debt....still. Hillary had and still has a few major problems despite her plans for 2012 that she needs to keep in mind.

1. The Clintons have pissed off Black people - especially Black women.
2. Bill.
3. Bill.
4. Lack of transparency with all their 'shady' money dealings.
5. Did I mention Bill? 

Bill is worried about his 'legacy'. Don't worry it's intact - for what it's worth. Bill, you forgot to be "Presidential" and thought you were Hugh Hefner. That would be okay except:

1. You've been accused of rape and sexual coercion by numerous women.
2. Hillary trashed all those women by referring to them as trash (so much for sexism).
3. You are MARRIED.
4. This isn't the 50's...or the 60's...or even the 70's.

See you guys didn't do enough due diligence while you were in office and the 'Dumbocrats' were left to fend for themselves against an very organized Rethug onslaught.  It was open season. That capitulation STILL goes on today. It's why Nancy Pelosi had to take impeachment off the table. Look at all the Dems who rubber-stamped every Bush policy time and time again, though let's give Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney props for keeping the idea floating around at least!!

John McCain may be a 'friend' of yours but he sure ain't a friend of mine! His advisor and former Senator Phil Gramm pushed through the first bit of legislation the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act that is causing this latest economic meltdown in 1999. When YOU were in office.  Yeah I got your legacy right here!

I am so tired of your ego, BJ. You are a multi-millionaire many times over. You are not hurting like the rest of us. I know what you really think of me as a voter and thanks for the reality check. I used to listen to the legend and believed the hype. I forgot that history is only retold by the victor and not an accurate account of what really happened. 

I don't like the double-standards surrounding your sexual escapades but I suppose your behavior was always out there for the world to see. It's no surprise it blew up in your face.

William Jefferson
Billy Jeff
BJ  -  yup those initials are appropriate for everything it connotes.

Yikes! Has anyone pointed this out to you yet? 

Update at 951pm with video of both Clinton and Rock's couch time.

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