Sunday, September 14, 2008

Objects in the Mirror Seem More Important Than They Are


Last week it was about lipstick, pigs and dogs. Now it's about Obama Waffles. So what's it gonna be next week? I for one am sick to death of the fake outrage, distractions and non-troversies. The first Presidential debate kicks off September 26th and I for one can't wait. Then we'll really have something to complain about. 

  • Will John McCain get all of the questions beforehand?  Probably. 
  • Will the teevee pundits talk about how well he did even when any 5th grader would say he sucked?  Likely. 
  • What are the odds of the moderator talking over Obama as he tries to answer a question on a scale of 1-100? 99.99%.   

As an update to my 2nd Friday post about my faith in humanity being somewhat restored I didn't get to mention that the women on the View pawned McCain - gasp! They actually asked questions, real questions from him and insisted he answer them. Thank goodness for the internets and video embedding cos I refuse to watch that bastion of partisan bias anymore. He actually got a little flustered. This is a morning talk show, people, not Meet the Press. 

We must have experienced an alternate universe where the corporate media wasn't doing everything possible to get McCain elected short of telling people outright to vote for him. I'm sure it was just a lapse in the space continuum and it won't happen again. 

You know as bad as it is that McCain chose Palin as his VP some good can come from this. Some women will be forced to examine their exclusionary behavior and racism. Some people who would like nothing better than to say they knew better all along will have to try to get along with others. I was actually proud of Obama for choosing a much stronger and competent candidate in comparison. If you took away the top of the ticket from both major parties would you want Joe Biden or Sarah Palin running this country? 

Perhaps now those people squawking about how 'inexperienced' Obama is will acknowledge the man's use of common sense and wisdom in things that count like the withdrawal of Iraq, the focus on Pakistan and the economy for example. One can hope, right? McCain's 26 years in the Senate equals his age difference to Obama only and in no way indicates he would make a suitable let alone a superior POTUS. 

You can take that one to the bank.

Update with video.

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