Thursday, September 25, 2008


**I predict a landslide come November that’ll leave the idiot squawkers speechless. 

So Bush tried to scare the beejeebus out of us last night with his fake doomsday predictions. “The financial sky is falling!!”, he claimed. Unless the middle class and poor people of this country bail out (a couple of his rich friends and cronies) Wall Street God is gonna send a lightning bolt to strike us dead! 

Now’s the time for you and me to sing, “The Roof Is On Fire”. I see no reason to not let the ‘muthafucka’ burn either. Bush is ‘concerned’ about the credit market and our ability to buy a house or start a business. How lofty a goal! How about paying for medicine and buying food? Or making the rent? Just cut us a check for say $20K and call it even. Screw Wall Street. Screw Republican trickle-down economics. 

It’s good for our elected officials to question the terms of this bailout BS. Apparently the latest demand for $700B is a number Bush made up. That amount is 5 times more than the costs associated with those so-called sub-prime loans being blamed (along with a few homebuyers) for this crisis. Why were the values of homes so overinflated in the first place?


Wall Street had enough money to give itself a $120B Bonus Check last year and we’re now supposed to believe they’re bankrupt!! Bush just wants another blank check with no transparency or oversight as a gift to his friends as he leaves office. He ‘promised’ a future repayment to the American people much in the way we can expect the tooth fairy to leave money under our pillows. Ok fine – but how are we gonna collect that debt on top of all the other debts he’s saddled us with?

McCain thought he’d try to pull a fast one and claim to suspend his campaign [he lied and has been busted] to go act Presidential and rescue the economy from his friends for us. The latest polls show him tanking faster than the Titanic (even amongst those hard working whites) so he must have a bad case of the runs! 

He really cares about us you know. He’s a POW. Those 9 houses, 12 cars and a private jet make him just like you and me. I watched a lot of teevee punditry and not one person mentioned that McCain signed these very laws that deregulated the industry in the first place. 

The National Enquirer has blown up the Sarah Palin sex scandal AND she looked stupid and incompetent again in yet another staged ‘interview’. So is it any wonder McLame wants to skip out on Friday’s debate so he can postpone the VP one indefinitely? Remember when he was crying wolf after Obama agreed to just three debates when he’d requested ten? Now he can’t even show up for one?!! WTF!! 

Obama tried to play nice and called McLame to put out a joint statement. Dumb ass! McCain tried to punk him but it totally backfired. Haha! My neck hurts from all the back and forth though. He was in NYC to attend the Clinton Global Initiative – what a coincidence. Bill Clinton says he’s ‘swell’ and not debating Obama is fine by him. Bill is an ass by the way. Did I forget to mention McCain’s a MAVERICK™?

David Letterman must not be drinking the Lame-Ade because he roasted McCain over his sudden cancellation and claim he needed to get back to Washington. He couldn’t be bothered to show up for 412 out of the 643 votes of pending legislation but now he has to ride to the rescue of Americans (his campaign). But not before making a pit stop interview with (Punky Brewster) Katie Couric. 

So to recap, McCain now gets it that the economy sucks and reversed his position of it being ‘fundamentally strong’. He doesn’t want to debate Obama on Friday because all that rescuing takes sooo much time. This is for our own good because Bush knows better. It’s best that we don’t ask any questions. Or expect anything in return. Poor people have not been mentioned at all because everyone can’t afford to buy a house, a lot of us don’t have jobs and are otherwise being ignored. 
I hope McCain decides to really take one for the team and keep his campaign fake-'suspended' indefinitely. This is all clearly a burden for him and we should do our part as concerned citizens. GIVE GREAT-GRANDPA SOME WARM MILK AND LET HIM TAKE A NICE LONG NAP. If McLame can’t be bothered to show up for the debate Friday he shouldn’t bother 'reinstating' his campaign at all.

Senator Bernie Sanders laid out a nice case for a reality check that I think everyone should review. Keep It Trill blog has been discussing the not-so-secret covert ops angle with AIG and the money being stolen from us. 

It’s up to us to be informed and take action!

**Speaking of action there’s national rallies to stop this bailout being coordinated by Democracy For America, Move On, USAction, ACORN and others. 

**Also just released that McCain messed up all the progress made today by demanding more deregulation and corporate welfare. 


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