Monday, September 15, 2008

Do They Know Something We Don't?

Who's the "They" I'm referring to? Those 'good ol' boys' religious perpetrating neo-cons that's who.

We know McCain only allowed limited access to his medical reports. What I don't get is why the corporate media has gone along with it. Well, I can guess! We know if it had been Obama this would have been a front page story of how he was playing 3-Card Monty with the public.

While I'd like to give McCain the benefit of the doubt I feel doing so would be to our peril. Which brings me to Palin. What if her puppet masters have seen all of McCain's medical records? They might know something of importance that would've blown his campaign to smithereens and the price of their silence was to put one of their own in the #2 slot.

Since McCain has already admitted his campaign is about anything but the issues what else is left? More smoke and mirrors? I can't wait to find out what secrets and lies have been held close to the vest that are sure to be revealed.

Mark my words - a lot of people will be sighing relief that we managed to dodge yet another bullet.

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