Sunday, September 28, 2008

Something I Wasn't Sure I Wanted to Post

Today Is TinFoil Hat Day But I Still Have Hope

(I was going to publish this Friday morning but my internet has been down. Then I thought I was giving into fear. Then I thought I was a little crazy, but really smart/talented people are usually crazy so what the heck!)

As this bailout saga and political intrigue drags on the question of the day may be how long are the politicians gonna objusficate the process and why? What’s the end game? It could be a ‘mere’ jockeying for the Presidency and once we’ve voted and prevented all manner of attack on our rights good will prevail. We will learn to be ever diligent and pay attention from now on. Right?

So many people thought they knew what they were getting when they voted for Bush. He was amenable. He was the harmless scion of a former President. A cowboy you could have a beer with. A few well-placed sound bytes got you excited. Things looked good on paper.

Then all hell broke loose and you just wanted to feel safe again. Mind you it was just a feeling despite all the evidence to the contrary but you consider yourself to be above-average in opinions, looks and lifestyle so of course your judgment is sound.

You’re not one of those people after all. You work hard. You love your family. You gave money to Katrina. You’re a good person. You many not actually know what your elected officials do but you trust them to do the right thing. You don’t really have time to look into all of that with work and living your life. Let somebody else deal with the details. If it’s on the news it must be correct. Or you think it's all crap and nothing you do matters so you just try to get through life unscathed. 

Since things may not have quite worked out the way you expected you think fresh blood might do the trick. Oh wait, there’s somebody else who’s been around for a while. He might be okay. He had been around and that has to count for something, right? You don’t know why you trust him even though he’s supported the one who’s disappointed you, but he seems different somehow. You have no evidence as proof though. If you evaluated his voting records you might find out he helped put you in the boat along with the one you want to get rid of, but he says he’ll do things differently. He wouldn’t lie to you would he?

I’ve been reading a lot of web sites and there’s some major disagreement amongst economists about how to fix the crisis as well as the opinion that there is no ‘crisis’ at all and we should not fall for this latest snow job by the Bush administration.

On the other hand some see this situation in much dire terms. They posit we may be on the verge of a hostile takeover of our gov’t by Bush. That he has no plans for leaving office at the end of his term. That martial law will be declared. So there’d be no election. 

Crazy idea isn’t it? But is it really? Just because it appears that way doesn’t mean that it is impossible. The implications are frightening and they should be! How prepared are you for a worse-case doomsday scenario? 

So I made a point of taking copious notes of the book Getting Out just in case I need to make a dash for the border before November. Fortunately I live in California and have the option of two foreign countries to choose from. I can see Mexico from my backyard you know. So I can discuss foreign policy easily with President Calderon. 

Maybe Hugo Chavez will grant asylum to every Black citizen in the US since he is also part Black? I know a little Spanish and I’m certain if I weren’t so lazy about conjugating my verbs I could speak fluently. 

We already have anarchists, citizen protestors, civil right’s activists and a myriad of concerned people living here in San Francisco. Hopefully we have calmer heads prevailing in positions of authority as our District Attorney, Fire Chief and Police Chief are all women. I should add these are intelligent women who paid their dues, moved up the ranks and earned their positions despite obstacles. 

Our Mayor fought for legalizing marriage for same sex couples. Perhaps all the wealthy conservatives and greedy societal bleeders would hop on their private planes and jet at the first sign of trouble. At least we have experience exercising our rights and I’m certain we could mobilize some resistance. 

If Blackwater storms the barricades and takes over San Francisco I hope we will be able to hold them off for as long as possible and establish a secondary gov’t. 

All of this is mere speculation of course and no I am not crazy. I believe that we all have free will and people can allow themselves to be used in the service of good/light or evil/darkness. I also am a person of faith and I trust that no matter what happens from here on out things will work out for the best. 

I watched Larry King Thursday night. First he had a political panel on to discuss the day’s events from the extremely limited perspective all corporate media chooses to deliver sound bytes to us. What really pissed me off was the female Republican supporter who was blatantly lying and why nobody called her on it. Sure they disagreed but not one of them actually discussed laws that had been passed that weakened the financial infrastructure or the pattern of behavior by members of both parties that aid this greed and corruption to flourish. 

During his second segment he had on comedian Chris Rock. It seems that everyone has to walk a fine line as even he tried to come across as amenable as possible when asked about Bill Clinton’s actions of the past few days in his unabashed support of McCain versus his tepid support of Obama. Chris made one really valid point: Obama is not a multi-millionaire going into the White House. He still knows what it’s like to be on the lower end of the economic totem pole and that is always beneficial for those of us who are not wealthy. 

It’s a fine line to walk being in the public eye. I find myself wanting to bring the fire and ask the tough questions and confront people. I am so tired of this dinner theater show these people who want to control us put on every day.

Bill Clinton can relate to John McCain better I think because they are both worth more than 100M. They share many of the same friends and maybe the same loyalties. McCain is clearly a puppet who chose Palin as an even more malleable puppet for their puppet masters. It made me wonder about those donors to Clinton's library that he doesn’t want released. That was one of the vetting conditions for Hillary to have been considered Vice President. 

I might be a registered Democrat but I will not be one of those people loyal to a political party instead of being loyal to myself. I have seen how such blind loyalty without demanding conditions is like casting my pearl before pigs.

Just because someone may be planning on harming you doesn’t mean they will get to. Divine intervention does occur. I also believe that we are given signs and warnings and we should pay attention to them. We are also doomed to repeat our mistakes until we learn from them. 

There’s a lot riding on the events of the next few days. We need people of courage to step forward. We need people to speak the truth. We need to have our hearts and minds open and available. 

If there was ever a time for prayer it is now.


Liz Dwyer said...

I just posted today about folks freaking the eff out and all the end of days talk. I definitely think about how we'd get out of LA... and came to the conclusion that there's no way because traffic would be too bad. But now my husband wants me to learn how to shoot a gun, just in case. Me though? I think you're right on with the prayers.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Hey Liz thanks for stopping by. I saw your post but my internet's been down. I think taking a few days off was a good idea. I have a post I've been working on and I'm still tweaking it. I did read your post and I'll post a comment now that the 'net is back up.