Saturday, June 20, 2009

We Have Home Grown Terror Groups Right Here In the USA

This may be shocking to some people but the corporate media has continued to assist the Republican Party in their obfuscation tactics. Why else would so many angry white men blathering on about nothing get so much air time? Except theirs is a concentrated effort at spreading misinformation and telling lies to an audience of people who've been battered and are on the brink. 

It's why some will claim they're just "commentators" as if that was a harmless thing. They act as if they were being accused of high treason from reading the weather report instead of disseminating a carefully constructed message with code words that activate cell members to engage in their planned destruction. It goes far beyond dog-whistle catch words related to appealing to certain voters - though we saw it in action during the Presidential race last year.

This is why we need to shift our priority back to what goes on in this country instead of constantly trying to point out what's "wrong" elsewhere. It's why Osama Bin Laden (the man and the myth) may as well be a unicorn for all the good it does chasing after him. Is he still alive or is he too a symbol of a larger fight for all sides who wish to make a statement? Regardless he is the least of our worries when it comes to the next terror attack.

It is far too likely that it will occur right here - at the hands of people already in this country who are likely to be US citizens or residents. When you can buy a gun illegally with more ease than you can obtain a library card then we have a problem. The library card requires identification and proof of address. The gov't monitors what we check out. There are filters on the computers available to track what people did when they were logged on. Privacy is a concept in theory - not reality anymore.

When groups such as Operation Rescue and PETA exist and are allowed to run amuck we have a problem. They use counterintelligence tactics to cause confusion, hysteria and fear. They track people on their enemies list and share it. They have a public face but a private agenda. They are 99.99% white-oriented and supported and their goal is to take away the rights of others to make their own decisions about how to live. Their goal is to dominate and destroy. 

I don't care how many people want to talk about bunny rabbits, poison or babies. They operate in absolutes and anyone who crosses them may not survive to tell the tale. People may think they're surrounding themselves with others trying to "do the right thing" on a single issue but they are being used as cannon fodder. These groups may seem to have different agendas but I hope people start to connect the dots and realize that if you swap out manifestos you're getting the same movement from different angles. 

They want control over your mind and your body and to dictate the terms of how you may use them or whether you can at all. Any act of violation is condoned as long as it gets the desired result. 

Sounds like terrorism to me.

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anna (tertiary#anna) said...

I totally agree. I've always wondered how long it will be before PETA starts taking out people.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Anna: Welcome and thanks for your input.