Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just When You Thought A Same Sex Marriage Had Gotten Through By "Accident"!

I knew it was too good to be true and was waiting for the other shoe to drop. When the New York Post of all "newspapers" publishes a story you know they get the side eye after their President as primate debacle earlier this year. 

They claimed to have an Exclusive! titled, "Wedding Crashers" on a same-gender (male) couple that had managed to sneak in a marriage certificate in New York State despite the current ban there. Psych! 

As it turns out one half of the couple is in fact a trans woman who has yet to undergo the reassignment surgery but who lives her life for all purposes as one. Which is usually the requirement before you can have the surgery anyway. I haven't used their names because much of the story has been about using the male names of the couple. Wrong!!! Per Autumn Sandeen's post at Pam's House Blend who says:
I'm angry regarding how this story is being covered. This is not a same-sex marriage story; this is a transgender person not being able to marry the one she loves story. This is a story about why marriage equality is more than a gay and lesbian story; part of why marriage equality is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community civil rights issue.

If the couple in question technically was a same-sex couple, then for sure this couple are definitely not a same-gender couple. This was a marriage between a man and a woman where the state doesn't recognize the woman as a woman.

But at least in one example, it seems that even the LGBT media is gaying up this relationship by using male pronouns, using the male legal name of the female partner in this opposite gender couple, and putting the female name of the female person of the opposite gender couple in quotation marks.
Oh but this is just par for the course. Not only did the NY Post gunk up the story but the Advocate misled its readers as well by trumpeting this. Now I've discussed why transgendered folks are so peeved at the big Gay Rights Industrial Complex for co-opting their marital rights by pushing a "marriage equality" agenda that actually excludes them. 

Though I support it I think it's really foul what they've done and wonder if part of the reason why they have to face so much opposition is partially due to karma. I mean you can't claim to be a victim, steal the African-American Civil Rights movement mojo AND trample over your transgendered peers and get away with it - can you?

Well....I guess we'll see.

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K.C. Jones said...

Thank you for posting this story.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

You're Welcome K.C. and thanks for stopping by!