Sunday, June 14, 2009

OMG - True Blood Is Back!!!

Ok I KNOW the question we all want to know the answer to is:


I sincerely hope it was the fake voodoo healer that wound up in the car at the end of Season One. I love, love LOVE Nelsan Ellis!!! Aside from my concerns that his character was spiraling into a seriously bad stereotype the actor pulled that character out of the gutter and became the one I looked forward to every week. Who cares about Sookie and Bill?

Here's one of the best scenes. He took off the earrings! It's Rated "R" for language.

Anyway I already (think) I know the answer - but I won't reveal it here. There are plenty of sites that are offering spoiler alerts which I've tried (unsuccessfully) to avoid. It was how I knew who'd be revealed as the strangler three weeks in advance. Oddly, that didn't spoil it for me because there were so many unanswered questions about why...but I digress.

I have not read any of the Southern Vampire novels that the series is loosely based on nor do I think it's necessary since the writers changed plot lines and beefed up certain characters. Like Tara for example. Can I just say how much I love Rutina Wesley!! She stole every scene she was in - and did you know she was a recast (probably if you're half as into the show as I am). 

Here's another scene I loved between Tara & Jason
By the way I'd like to mention that both Nelsan and Rutina attended Julliard and despite some pretty stupid questions from early interviewers they are ACTING. I know the Tara character came across as a bit - ok a LOT - of a stereotypical shrill and angry Black woman and I was so on the verge of banishing this show for good but I hung in there. The transformation of her story arc had a lovely payoff and was well worth the wait. I don't know if I can credit the writers for that one though. That was all Rutina!!! 

So aside from the big Lafayette cliff-hanger we have Bill in a whole lot of trouble. Which I'm supposed to care about because he's the male lead - but he's the male lead and they'll work something out. This is a show where the "secondary" characters are in fact way more interesting and their acting is better (to me anyway). What about Sookie's whorish brother Jason who's now "found Jesus"? What's going on with shape-shifting Sam will be the question this season? Will Sam and Tara rekindle their romance? Bill's a vampire daddy now and he's going to have his hands full! How about that tall drink of water Eggs? 

I think I'd like to see what develops there as Tara deserves a guy with no prior emotional attachments to other women, but there was definite chemistry between her and Sam. Anyway, I can't wait to find out what happens this season on True Blood and for all of you readers who have no idea what I'm talking about's a tv show about vampires who have really bad Southern accents!

Here's an interview that gives a nice little sneak peek between Tara and Eggs - but I'll sorta miss Tara and Sam!!

P.S. I'd still like, no LOVE to see a proper tv series for L.A. Banks Vampire Huntress Series of novels....and you know Rutina would be pretty awesome as Damali. She's a trained dancer and could easily pick up the martial arts skills the character has. Just putting it out there in the Universe!!!

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PPR_Scribe said...


Agree w/you 100% about Lafayette. Seriously, if he is dead I will not watch the show anymore.

Also agree 100% about Tara.

You know, I sometimes forget that the star of this show is supposed to be Anna Paquin. Really hers is the least interesting character on the whole show. And I could do with less Vampire Bill and more Vampire Eric! LOL

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

PPR_Scribe: Lafayette LIVES!!! This is gonna be a great Season! And how could I forget about Eric! I was rushing to get this post done when I woke up this morning. Anyway there's the trailer featuring him on Youtube that's is delicious. Anna can't help it if she's kinda bland. HBO bought her Emmy for her and really it's just a sign that we're tired of all deference being automatically granted to white actors in lead roles.

Dharmaserf said...

So happy that I watched the season premier. I just wanted to comment to say: I actually liked the first person cast as Tara more than the present actor. I felt she brought more nuance to the angry Black woman stereotype. Though now the new actress has been normalized for me, I have to admit I felt the same as you did about Tara, especially with the cast change. And you know what was really weird? They didn't refilm all the scenes for the new Tara, they just cut out the first actress and put in the new! So strange watching the televised first episode after watching the pilot. Anyway... Lafayette makes that show. Just sayin.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Thanks for commenting. I think this will be a great season!!