Wednesday, June 17, 2009

White Woman Virtue Intact As Letterman Forced to Eat His Words

Wow there is some serious animus going on. I totally missed the David Letterman controversy because I was off doing other things. Apparently he insulted Alex Rodriquez by suggesting that he'd be interested in one of Sarah Palin's daughters. Actually he made a joke about her getting knocked-up at the Yankees game. Was the joke tasteless? Yes. Did it deserve the level of outrage that has gone on for four days? That's debatable. 

Clearly Letterman has no love for Sarah Palin and I would've thought it best to leave any children out of it - except for the fact that she's pimped out her own kids and "superior" moral virtue. I figure if you don't feed the gremlins they won't grow, but leave it to their PR machine to kick in. By the way, Letterman's joking is all President Obama's fault!

Now Letterman has apologized because some advertisers pulled out. He owns his show so he can pretty much do what he wants but I'm surprised by the level of vitriol on both sides and the undercurrent of hostility which has everything to do with the declining influence of the Republican Party. 

So I'm not going to talk about free speech or how the Palins are using this to their advantage because we already know this! I almost feel sorry for Dave except he's a very wealthy white man and will be fine. He's just butted heads with the great big Right Wing machine - which he's been doing for some time now. So this is kind of like two titans fighting it out. 

The hypocrisy occurs of course because of the attention that's been given this as if it was a SERIOUS ISSUE!! when Fox, MSNBC, CNN and plenty of other newspapers and media spread their lies and vile hate speech EVERY SINGLE DAY and it's ok when THEY do it. This doesn't even compare. My only advice to Dave is that he should remember that white womanhood is a sacred thing to many that they will defend regardless if it is Sarah Palin or her daughters. 

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Evia said...

Faith, this is a CLEAR example of how men socialize and control other males/men and protect their women their women and children.

A rich wm (Letterman) had the audacity to attack a ww and her children, so other wm QUICKLY put him in his place. This sends a powerful message to OTHER wm of all ages who may be thinking about denigrating a ww publicly--to NEVER do that and if they do, they're going to be very sorry. This is why Letterman is blathering apologies all over the place.

Unbeknownst to lots of AAs, many wm see plenty of faults and flaws among ww, but they understand that when you degrade your women en masse PUBLICLY, your WHOLE group is headed for destruction. We have to always keep in mind that ww are on the "pedestal" because wm don't want their group to be destroyed. Their entire history shows that they're going to survive and thrive by any means necessary.

This is a lesson that AA women desperately need to learn--to survive and thrive by any means necessary.

Anyway, this is why I've never had anger towards ww. They're simply fortunate enough to have men who will scorch the earth to keep them safe and enable them and their children to 'live well.' In general, white males police and control the males inside their group and of course, the males who are in other groups in order to keep ww and children safe and secure, whereas lots of AA males, for ex., EXPECT for AA women to socialize, police, and control males.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

You know you have a point there. I was still thinking it was equally politically motivated but you've given me something to think about.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

To Anonymous: You violated the rules for posting. I seriously doubt you are a Black woman either. And if you can't comprehend protectionism (and why it can be a good thing) you are missing out on the nuances of this conversation for shrill emotionalism.

Citizen Ojo said...

This is a very interesting take on this subject. I wonder if more black women feel this way, regarding how white men take care of their women. If you look at the music videos and songs from some black artists these days you guys have point. I would hope that this would not be true but some valid points have been made...sigh!!!!