Friday, June 19, 2009

Are You There Chicago -- It's Me Faith!

I’m attending Blogging While Brown this weekend!!!

I am so psyched to be joining the many participants whose words I’ve read for months that I’ll get to meet in person. Isn’t it funny what can happen within a year? 

I started a blog.

I actively participate in social media.

I’ve been challenged, dissed and made some great online friends.

Much of my thinking has been refined and I have a perspective dimensionally indicative of important issues. 

This is why meeting like-minded people and those actively engaged in empowering efforts is so important. Hey it even helps to meet people whose views are entirely divergent from yours to get a sense of where you truly stand on certain issues. 

I’m looking forward to building relationships and I’m certain I will take away much that will help me in the continued renewal of my mind. I hope to impart some knowledge as well.

Thanks to Gina McCauley, blog host of What About Our Daughters for envisioning this conference and to everyone who is making it happen!!

Are there any must-see places, must-do activities I should be aware of? Send me a comment! 

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