Thursday, June 11, 2009

John White Went to Prison But (Some) White Men Are the Real Menace to Society

The right-wing white male domestic terrorists have received their marching orders and are out to restore some "post-racial" order by command of the KKK version 2009, aka the Republican Party. Not even their lap dog Michael Steele can attempt to dodge this. They must slowly chip away at all the "hope" this new President brings (however inadequate it may actually be) before people actually start acting on the symbolism and change the infrastructure.

Shall we go down the list of politicians and pundits the corporate media supports with its agenda at keeping people uninformed, emotionally inflamed over rhetoric and chasing after crumbs instead of mobilizing against a common enemy? Let's see we have Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, Scarborough and what's his name - Dobbs. Then we have politicians like Bachmann, Coleman, Cantor and Palin. We have former elected officials like Cheney, Robertson and Gingrich getting airtime every single day to continue their disease and spread more lies.

Isn't this so obvious to people? Yet why are they either listening to it and complaining or standing around not counterbalancing it? I know I ask rhetorical questions, but I have to put it out there. This is the time we need to be out canvassing neighborhoods, working phones and reaching out to people. If only to separate the reasonable from the deranged.

I really have a problem with the Black dad convicted of manslaughter for shooting the white teen who formed a lynching party. During the time Obama was working his campaign and "ascending" beyond race, another man was fighting for his very life. We can talk about social mobility and social currency all we want. We can talk about xenophobia and narrow-minded views amongst some Blacks as well. Yet we cannot deny the legacy of racism and the hatred it stems from that will never go away as long as those with power still benefit from controlling and exploiting others. Some might be able to live their lives above the clouds but the majority of us will have to find ways the move around on land without that boot on our necks.

My heart went out to the White family because that father did what he thought was his duty in protecting his family. Somehow the fact that two carloads of drunk, angry white males showing up at someone's house after 11pm can allegedly be resolved by talking. Yeah right! Those kids knew exactly what they were doing - exerting white privilege and continuing the legacy of their ancestors who used to teach Blacks a lesson for stepping out of their place. You know they had to squash the notion of treating the White family like any other white person. What teenager thinks they can just roll up at the house of one of their schoolmates demanding to "fight" them? Perhaps integration was too much the focus for this family when they moved into a formerly all-white neighborhood. 

From the Mayor of the town in FL who quit due to racial taunts and physical threats, to the family that moved out of their CA neighborhood we can see how well this  New World Order is going over. Last week we had a white pharmacist who shot at and killed one of the two Black would-be criminals trying to rob the store he worked in. Now what these teens did was wrong so perhaps all bets are off. But after one was chased off and the other had fallen to the floor why didn't the man call the police? He could've held the gun on the suspect if he thought the kid would stir. Instead he went behind the counter got a weapon and shot him five more times. Eerily it's the same argument that did NOT work for Mr. White - yet the pharmacist is being touted as a hero. 

So why was one sent to prison while the other gets cheers in the press? The collision and collusion of racism of course. So why do I even ask? Black people are being targeted as well as any dissenting whites to the desired status quo. Khadija, blog host at Muslim Bushido has a great post about how Blacks need to remember to have racial discipline. Some of the things discussed can apply to anyone though if you look at it as being under a forced occupation. We have to be aware of our environments and what can and can not be done. Failure to adhere to the silent code can get you killed (or sent to prison). Even in 2009. Even with Barack Obama in the White House.

We're still dealing with the murder of Dr. Tiller whose whiteness did NOT protect him since he was still going against the grain of what some hard-core dogmatics wanted. Now we have a life-long racist who went to a Holocaust museum to kill people. One of whom happened to be the Black security guard, Stephen Johns. These things are not a coincidence. One of the last executive orders of the Bush administration was to lift the ban on carrying weapons into State Parks - which is where the museum was located. 

If people are not connecting the dots I don't know how it can made any clearer. This is the time to put aside individual differences and join together for some sort of consensus however short-lived it may be. Some of us have common enemies that are living breathing people with an agenda of destruction. They have a singular focus to get rid of us  - literally. We must have a plan to counter this. 
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Anonymous said...

I empathize, I really do...but I don't put stock into conspiracy theories. I know that in America conspiracy is the easiest thing to prove, yes. But equally we must decide what time it is in our lives for ourselves and not for the crowd. I myself am a zenophile in a tradition that I believe stems from an ancient realization. Indeed we find with diaspora's that different cultures throughout history, come together to preserve and highlight there differences. This highlighting of differences is what leads to the preservation of the collectivist whole and yet preserves individual members unique identity.
I would caution anyone who uses the "vice of yesterdays egregious errors and lapse of wholesome judgment". For we find that contemporary society is not like it used to be, and it never really was to begin with. That is not whitewashing the past mistakes, but realizing the pre-eminent sacro sanct nature of the individual that has been preserved because of historical diaspora's. And again, I empathize. But we must be cautioned not to spread the sickness of bigotry by constantly giving it free airplay. We must say when enough is enough. And we must understand that there will always be "the rabble" of society, just as James Madison said. In venturing the free terrain of new horizons, we don't become harmful ideologues ourselves: Wolves in sheep's clothing.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Well by claiming to empathize you are in fact trying to refute my post, but I allowed the comment out of moderation. This isn't about convincing you. There is no conspiracy theory - these murders are FACTS and the reasons why they are occurring is very REAL.

I would caution anyone who fails to see the big giant pink elephant in the room to readjust their tunnel vision instead of trying to tell me and anyone else that it's all in our heads!

You use a lot of flowery words but aren't saying anything of substance. Calling out bigotry does not give it free airplay. It is simple common sense. You can come back here when you are ready to fully engage with a completed profile and not hide behind an anon moniker. Otherwise you're just wasting precious time we need to spend mobilizing.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

To Enoch: I am not interested in having you hijack my thread with feeble attempts to deny me my voice at my own blog. If you don't agree why continue to engage me by arguing about it? The proof is in the pudding. If I believe the world is round and you believe it's flat we have zero point of consensus. Your comment has been rejected.

Khadija said...


{loud gales of laughter} Oh, this is priceless. In light of recent events, even a couple of Fox..."News"....anchors... have 'fessed up that the DHS report about right-wing extremism was a valid warning to us all. Meanwhile, here you have somebody who wants us to pretend that nothing's happening.

Moving right along...A blogger named Sara Robinson did an excellent post about all of this entitled, Tragedy at the Holocaust Museum: Stand Up To Terrorism at

Here's some quotes from the post:

"Eight episodes of right-wing extremist violence in four-and-a-half months...

...For the record: This is not business as usual. True, there have always been occasional events, usually dismissed by the corporate media as "isolated incidents," the work of "lone wolf shooters" acting for reasons all their own. But you have to go back a long, long way in American history before you come to a place where you find incidents like this happening an average of once every two weeks.

And the chattering classes are finally beginning to realize what those of us who've been faithfully watching the right wing for years have been telling them for a long while now: there's nothing isolated about any of this.

In fact, this is exactly how full-scale terrorism begins.

The thing that worries me most about this rash of shootings isn't just the threat to public safety posed by domestic terrorism -- though that's becoming a more serious consideration on the American home front with every passing week -- but where this kind of thing historically leads.

Regular readers know I'm always stepping way back to get the big picture and look for the long-term patterns. This escalating level of violence is adding data points to a potentially emergent pattern that we need to be looking at and preparing for. So far, there are at least five things I'm particularly concerned about:

1. More and Faster.
2. Lone Wolves Join Packs.
3. An Intention to Expand Operations.
4. Making Common Cause.
5. The Tim McVeigh Finishing School."

She goes on to describe these 5 points of concern in detail. Her post is well worth reading in its entirety. There's plenty of nasty, negative, historical precedent for what's happening right now. We would be wise to take heed of all of this.

Peace, blessings and solidarity.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Khadija: Thanks so much for the blog post suggestion. I'll go read it now. I was commenting about your post when you were over here - funny!