Friday, May 1, 2009

You're So Lame Award of Shame - Virginia Foxx

Well Keith Olbermann laid it out so well during this segment. His 'mocking voice' was funny but a bit over the top.  Rep. Bachmann must have been part of a social experiment to pass people regardless of their comprehension. Rupert Murdoch can't keep letting his Editors put up cartoons of primates and tie them to legislation (and indirectly the President). But this week's award hands-down goes to NC Rep. Foxx who unlike another Foxx can't blame it on the alcohol for her bias, ignorance and delusion. To oppose the hate crimes legislation that passed was bad enough but to claim Matthew Shepard's murderers were only out to rob him and killing him for being gay was a hoax is...just beyond my pay grade of depravity. 

If someone would automatically think that a woman would have more compassion by virtue of anatomy then they'd be proven how wrong that premise is. Some people are only interested in things that directly affect them and have zero empathy. Bachmann and Foxx are cut from the same Palin swatch and to dismiss them would be unwise. We must catch ourselves lest we become swayed by gender loyalty (as easily as some are to race) and acquiesce to white privilege.
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