Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Adam Lambert or Kris Allen As the Next Jeff Buckley?

American Idol is almost over. This is it! I will be so happy once this season is done and the winner declared! I swear if it hadn't been for the flurry of Tweets about Adam this and Adam that I wouldn't have bothered watching. Then I got sucked into the Idol vortex, lol! Just "crown" your newest pawn and be done with it. Unless...Kris pulls out a last minute victory. Whatever, I'm over this (almost). Sorry I'm still rooting for Adam. He has a lot of passion for performing and makes it look so effortless. I really admire that because it is RARE for an unsigned artist to be so self-possessed and confident. I love it!

This is the "official" Idol Single - No Boundaries - not feeling this! 

Kris Allen: Is it me or was something just off about this performance?

Had to switch out videos because all of the Adam performances have been pulled. Is that an indication of who has won? Here's his earlier rendition of Mad World.

Though the thought occurred to me that if they MUST package Adam as a banal (straight) rocker they could certainly take a step OUT of the box by doing something similar to the style of the late great Jeff Buckley. Now of course they're two totally different individuals. I don't know if Adam writes or can play an instrument since he hasn't done so this season. Vocally though this could be interesting. Jeff put a lot of passion into his into his music and although he wanted to be thought of as an instrumentalist first, it was his voice that really MOVED me! 
The irony of course is that Kris more closely resembles Jeff between the two of them and plays guitar and piano. If he was able to do a bit more with his vocal styling he would've been considered a serious threat all along. Adam has great precision but he isn't soulful by nature whereas Jeff oozed it. Jeff had his theatrical side as well. He was a huge Edith Piaf fan as well as Nina Simone. Either way whomever ends up the victor I'd advise them to study the Buckley "playbook" for cues how to be a multi-faceted performer.
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