Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Danny Screams, Adam Gets Aggro, Allison Hangs On and Kris Who?

Slash served as this week's mentor to the Idolings as they churned out Rock Week. There were three memorable performances and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. I also realize Fox keeps pulling the videos so what's available at posting time may be gone a few hours or days later. I've changed out video from last week's show twice and they're still gone! Don't they realize we're giving them free advertising! Er...okay that could be the other way around too. 

In what can only be called the Dean Scream of the pop world Danny Gokey squandered ALL of his currency from last week's excellent performance by trying to out-Adam his competitor. Dude, somebody should've warned you NOT to even think about it! He butchered Aerosmith's Dream On. Ah well. It was nice knowing ya!

Well that brings us to Kris Allen who performed the Beatles' Come Together. I think he may have gotten lost in the shuffle of spectacular highs and lows - but turned out a respectable performance. Or as judge Kara DioGuardi said, "the softer side of rock". Seriously these judges need to start a comedy act and take it on the road. He's just meh overall to me and always has been. Being white may afford him many privileges in life but not in a singing competition against the Heavyweight Champion of Vocals.

Which brings me to Adam Lambert. Seeing him in the bottom three last week really pissed me off. As I've stated in previous posts if he doesn't win it's because some people don't want a fey Idol. He's very fey, okay and an excellent performer. So get over it! It's 2009. He shouldn't have to be forced to do the latest imitation version of glam to seem acceptable in today's market either. Though he did do a classic prog rock song and butched it up for the squeemish. He should be able to sing whatever he likes. Now having said that, he belted out Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love like it had never been sung (to a woman) before. Our ears have been touched for the very first time. Oooh those high notes make my toes curl! He is NEVER boring and I love him for it! Go on with your bad self.

Finally (though not in order of their performances) Allison Iraheta sang one of my personal favorites, Janis Joplin's Cry Baby. Love that song! Liked her rendition, though the judges didn't. Little Ally got sassy with them, too! Good for her. At least somebody else messed up which should carry her through to next week. I was concerned when Simon told her he wasn't sure how badly she wanted to win last week. He tried to tank her. She's only 17 years old! Of course she wants to win. She's still trying to figure out who she is and hasn't yet graduated high school. How quickly he forgets. 

Kris + Danny = Boring. Allison + Adam = Fiyah.  That's my assessment of their duets and their individual performances last night. I'm hoping the voters don't go for the contrast of ho-hum vs. spectacular in the final because I have a feeling Kris would win for the ease of marketing not because he was the best this year. I'm rooting for Allison vs. Adam and would be happy for both. Adam will definitely have a career regardless but I think it would be a shame to have him taken out of the running prematurely.

Watch the videos while they last!

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