Friday, May 29, 2009

Old School Friday - What Do You Do When You Listen to Everything?

So this week's meme is "Outside My Box", but I dabble in all genres of music so this isn't going to work for me. See not all of us limit ourselves. I have my preferences of course but I do try to listen to everything (except degrading songs of course). So now I've got to find some obscure pan pipe music from the Andes or something - nah I won't do that to ya'll. I'll just put up something I think some of you might not listen to or be that familiar with: like the two artists I just saw this week (I still have to download footage by the way). I had a slew of messages on Twitter not on the blog if you want to check my archives for those conversations. Which was also why I wasn't able to schedule my posts for future feed parsing. This is live baby! So consider these selections a precursor to a future concert series of blog posts......

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PPR_Scribe said...

I think many of us OSF'ers had this problem. What, exactly, counts as "out of my box" when your box is so big?

Anyhoo, thanks for the picks. Happy OSF (what's left of it!)

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

PPR_Scribe: Thanks for visiting.