Friday, July 31, 2009

Old School Friday: First Date Or Love Songs - Fond Memories Or Cringeworthy?

Sorry I missed last week. This week's meme is bound to take people back down memory lane. So I hope the thoughts are benign or funny!

I've been wanting a reason to post this video so this is perfect.

Broken Wings by Mr. Mister is a beautiful song.

Take these broken wings/And learn to fly again/Learn to live so free.
Don't we all want the chance to renew or spirits and minds if we've been disappointed?

This is one of my favorite Culture Club songs. Yeah I could talk about cultural appropriation but this song was really good.

Since I have an excuse ("love") to post this tribute song to Smokey Robinson by the group ABC I had to include it. I have a thing for 80's British groups, lol!

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1 comment:

SouthlandDiva said...

OMG, those songs take me back!! Talk about British Invasion 2.0!! I Love Mr. Mister, I have the album (yes, album).

Thanks for the rewind.