Thursday, July 30, 2009

Will Obama's Beer Put An End To The White Backlash?

Is this campaign deja vu or what? Would you have a beer with this person? Gag me with a spoon! So President Obama shows just how vulnerable he is by caving to angry white men. He's just chanting, "2012, 2012, 2012 then I can tell all of them to _____". I have a new found respect for Shrub now because he was a "cowboy", "frat boy" and many other (not so great) things but he was never an apologist
"I have always believed that what brings us together is stronger than what pulls us apart," the nation's first black president said after the highly anticipated meeting ended. "I am confident that has happened here tonight, and I am hopeful that all of us are able to draw this positive lesson from this episode." What kind of mealy-mouth BS is that? In other words, white people there's nothing to see keep it moving.
"We agreed to move forward," Crowley said later when asked if anything was solved. "I think what you had today was two gentlemen agreeing to disagree on a particular issue. I don't think that we spent too much time dwelling on the past. We spent a lot of time discussing the future." In other words, I told you I wasn't apologizing...white power!    - - Yahoo News
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have a beer with Harvard
Skippy Gates was the LAST person that needed standing up for. It's going to be a long, hot summer Mr. President. Let's hope that health insurance plan is an effective, quality one and it passes. I hear Hillary has been trashing you. I'm not surprised. When you surround youself with scorpions...they sting. I'd have more sympathy but my home state has been fed to the dogs. So far DiFi, Pelosi, Boxer, Lee, Waters nor Bass - all powerful women - have been able to put Humpty back together again. Ah-nold and the Republicans took a hammer to rival John Henry's and whacked the state almost beyond repair. There's the saying: As Goes California So Goes the Nation.

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The BLACKlash will continue. When it comes to race, the people who say they're "moving forward" usually mean they intend to move forward to THEIR PURE future leaving "jungle monkeys" swinging from trees, dragged behind trucks, shot when unarmed, etc. etc. etc.

As go our children, so goes the nation; and our children are stating they'd rather kill themselves than live with us.

No amount of beer can bury the past or clear a path to the future.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Wow that comment should be expanded to a blog post.

ZionFulfilled said...

I didn't agree with the beer summit, at all. I think that the conversation surrounding racism has been reshaped to suit the purposes of the white man. I have to agree with you ActsofFaith, Bush never apologized for ANY of his statements. I wish Pres. Obama had done the same.

Khadija said...


This is a wonderful lesson for confused AAs about the difference between having POWER and having a JOB TITLE.

As you noted, the White cop has never budged from his original position. Meanwhile, Pres. Obama and Skippy have twisted, turned and performed flips.

As you noted, the Shrub never apologized for anything. He didn't have to. And he literally ignored the opinions of roughly half the country during his entire time in office.

Dick Cheney never apologized for anything. In fact, the man Cheney shot during a hunting excursion apologized to him.

That's what actual power looks like. Not a job title.

And I don't expect Obama to change his tune even if he gets elected to a 2nd term. Then, he'll have his "legacy" to worry about.

Peace, blessings and solidarity.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Researchbuff: Yup Bush did NOT care what anybody said about him and it used to infuriate me that he was so oblivious. Now 6 months in and Obama has already punked out.

Khadijah: It is a good lesson but only for those who have discernment. There are still so many who are truly clueless about what happened and how weak the Obama Presidency really is. I respect the symbolism but I can't help but think of how Nelson Mandela also punked out when he was finally released and should have punished all of his opponents. Instead he let them off scott free. Malcolm X would've never gone out like that.

Nia said...

Well I for one have definitely learned a very valuable lesson from your post and Khadija's comments.

Also, thanks for mentioning that part about Nelson Mandela. Very true indeed. That's why he's so beloved all over Europe to this day.

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Nia: Thank you. I like you am still learning and realize I have to constantly rethink any preconceived notions I've had about myself, the non-existent "black community" and this President.

Karen said...

It is interesting to observe this from afar (I live overseas now), but I have always understood the difference between power and title.

I have rarely had the "title" in my work life but I always knew how to accumulate power and exercise it. It literally meant not have to kiss someones you know what... When I was wrong, I was woman enough to admit it but not based on someone else "making me do so".

Secondly, the key to power is knowing when to use it and how to use it. It is most effective when used "behind the scenes". When I had to use it "out front", I consciously chose the time and place to make sure it had "MAXIMUM EFFECT". It was absolutely NOT a Sapphire moment, it was a "cold-blooded" execution of my power to let people know where my boundaries were and that they had crossed it with the appropriate consequences.

As Khadija has previously stated, Obama has no base of support or posse. In my previous life in a U.S. corporation, I accumulated favors and created my posse. I knew who to call and who could be counted on. It appears that the President did not learn these lessons of how to accumulate power and how to exercise it. Hopefully, he will learn it before his presidency comes to an end (however, I am doubtful as you first have be very secure in yourself and also know that to lose is often to win - read the Art of War to get familiar with this concept).

A critical lesson he needs to learn (and quickly) is to hold back on any comments/opinions until he has the facts.

Just a few of my observations on this... If I am off-base, any feedback is greatly appreciated.