Thursday, July 17, 2008

Live Blogging from African American caucus at NetRoots

443pm - While waiting for the panel to start I was interviewed by someone who wanted to get perspectives from NetRoots attendees regarding Obama's FISA vote. I think it was someone working with the Obama campaign but the introductions flew by quickly. I had to emphasize that I enthusiastically support the "Michelle Obama for First Lady" political endeavor. If Barack gets elected that'll work too, but I have my priorities lol!  Seriously though, I think the entire idea of government monitoring individuals has gone of before he decided to run and will continue long after we've crossed over. This was not a breaking point for me, but I may post more on that at another time. I didn't want questions posed to me with a particular intent so I made it clear that one vote is not the sum of the existence for this country. This isn't a popularity contest and if anyone thinks the government won't find a way around any such laws they are delusional, but anyway..... 

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