Thursday, July 17, 2008

545pm  -  Fundraising. Money Talks! 

An Act Blue rep is in attendance and explaining what they do. This is a way many blogs can pool their resources together for one sizable amount.  They have raised $57M. Yup. $57M. There's a candidate running for a congressional district in CA who discusses how giving a minimum of $1oK + $1 will definitely get their attention. They'll be calling you instead of the other way around. It shows how 'real' people are in offering their support. So the lesson of the day: money is important, money isn't 'evil' and any candidate that is unable to raise sufficient funds is not a candidate that will have any success. 

*Note it wasn't James but Andre who monitored with Cheryl.  

The goal is for those who attend next year to discuss the amount of money they've raised for the candidates and organizations they support.

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