Thursday, July 17, 2008


Welcome to my blog. I have been a lurker and commenter on numerous social/political blogs. Some of those blog owners suggested that everyone who participated should have their own blog if they hadn't started one yet. In addition, one of my career advisors suggested other creatives could benefit from sharing stories of pursuing an objective.

With the pending election in the United States and the constant flux of changes and struggles going on the world I think this is a vital period where thoughtful, compassionate people who'd like to see the world be a gentler place can take action and lend their voice and efforts to fighting for a better world. 

I was trying to decide what purpose I would serve with creating a blog and how much of my personal history I'd be willing to share. I want to uplift people. I want to challenge people. I hope to learn and grow from this experience and share and exchange ideas. 

To that end I am attending the Net Roots Conference in Austin, Texas. I am a musician and former actress [though I miss it terribly but that's another story]. I am a writer of non-fiction and songs. I live in a rather expensive city - shout out to San Francisco - but live very frugally and am always hunting for bargains or ways to make things work! Being a Leo is at times a conflict because my luxury radar always gravitates towards lovely expensive things [i.e. Vosges Barcelona chocolate bars]. Freedom of choice to live my life as I see fit is a struggle. Familial and societal expectations do pose conflicts from the ideal of what I envision for myself.

I am not certain what facilities are set up but I will try to live blog from the African American caucus that meets later today. My only gripe was that the organizers scheduled the Feminist Bloggers caucus to run concurrently. I am female....and I am African American!!! Oh...I just checked and they've added a Woman's caucus. Hmmmm..... 

Ok, I'm out the door and heading towards the Austin Convention Center. 

P.S. Much thanks to my lovely hosts via Couch Surfing!  

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