Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vision of Change Comes From Me

Well I have to say how pleased I am that Obama is having almost daily press conferences to let the American people (and the world) know that he's not going to sleep at the wheel! Particularly in light of this current administration's incompetance where every week Henry Paulson announces how yet another 'rescue' plan has failed  - but claims this is the time they're gonna get it right. It'll just cost another $20B here or an additional $300B+ there. 

I made this off-the-cuff comment about Bush getting in his last acts of vengeance against the American people before he leaves office in another post. That doesn't seem so far-fetched anymore if you look at the state of the economy, the criminal actions of those in gov't and how hated we are. 

Where are they getting this money? Monopoly is a fun game but that paper has no real value. The US dollar is not being backed up by gold anymore and flooding the markets with it only devalues it further, but I'm not an economist so what do I know?

Now Obama has to do something bold because once he's inaugurated it's all on him. Never mind that it took 9 years of focused sabotage to create this mess. Both political parties are responsible - but it has been the expressed goal of the Republicans since the time of Reagan to get rid of all regulation and protections. Not to mention union-busting. Add to that the cost of war mongering (which goes far beyond national security) and can anyone still doubt how things got so messed up? 

So I really like the idea of an outside economic advisory board. I like the idea of a President having people who don't rubber-stamp and say yes to everything he/she wants. If our current President had been more humble and less theocratic the country would be in a much better place. Obama seemed to be making a statement to progressives and political bloggers to stop the hand-wringing over former Clinton appointees and see the big picture.  Hence the title of today's post. He's in charge!!

I am all for accountability and being diligent and as agents of change for ourselves we should take care to do so. What we don't need is either blind allegiance or overreacting to every move by Obama while he's in office. He's going to need time to fix a lot. We have no idea how bad things really are. He's only going to get a 25-day grace period before the bill becomes due though. I'd hate for him to end his term looking 20 years older with a broken spirit or for his wife and daughters to feel they've been neglected. I'm sure they'll work that out. We can do our part by getting involved, being knowledgeable and making sure we've learned our lesson!

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