Sunday, October 11, 2009

How One Man's Journey Led Him to the Esteemed Rock Band

Enjoy a little Sunday inspiration.

I find the story of Arnel Pineda compelling and inspiring! He's so humble. I also observed the gratitude of the remaining band members at being able to continue touring. It doesn't hurt that he sounds a lot like Steve Perry. He isn't "lucky" either: he had to have a minimal skill set coupled with determination (i.e. posting his performances on Youtube) and delayed gratification (working his craft until it paid off) for things to come together. I'm certainly taking notes at how he prepared himself for the inevitable "success" to follow.

Journey is very active at giving funds to music programs especially in the Bay area. Have you noticed lately how their songs seem to be everywhere - like on the tv show Glee for example? I'd love to take a peek at their latest music publishing contracts. They're wielding the power that comes from being a highly regarded established band while not being afraid to embrace new ways. Very clever! If you have dreams..or goals what steps are you taking to fulfill them?

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Park Avenue said...

AP is an incredible singer w/ an amazing story. Love to hear this man sing!

Faith at Acts of Faith Blog said...

Park Avenue: Welcome and thanks for the comment. The soaring vocals with the great music and lyrics is very powerful and uplifting.